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Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy for S'luki - Jack Courtney's Rivendell Saluki

Gotta say up front that I have a soft spot for this model in general,  as well as the name and orange bikes in particular...

The Saluki was a really interesting bicycle, coming as it did in the first wave of 650B resurgence. At the time, no one seemed to consider using large volume tires on 700C frames (well, aside from us crazy 'crossers, but even then a 35cm tire was pretty wickedly large.)  In addition to one of the coolest bicycle names every, it had a lot of smart details. First and foremost, it paid attention to how well a bicycle can ride when you use a decent amount of air to cushion the ride and provide an ample footprint on the road and trails.

Between the time this bicycle came out and I had the resources to buy one, Rivendell had brought out the A. Homer Hilsen, which is the geared/coastable bicycle I ended up with.  Of course, since that time, the Saluki became the smaller sized AHH's, which ended the model.  But with every 650B wheelsize Hilsen I see, I know there's a lithe coursing hound underneath, chucking a bit...

Jack Courtney's Rivendell Saluki

Jack's bike is pretty much exactly the way I'd think about my own.  Fenders and racks so you can ramble long and not be phased by weather or distance.  Smart gearing for a variety of terrain.  And, it's orange.

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