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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kickstart / Restart

As I mentioned over on the blog, this past year (2011( was going to be a crusher, with things getting exponentially complicated as the year drew to a close and shuffled through January. I pedaled my way through it and seem to have popped out the other side.
Now it's time to attend to all of the odds and ends which have accumulated around here.

Order of Business #1 - T-Shirts:
I've got a few left in all three styles. I think for this year, it's time to redo the most popular design (which was, hands-down, the original "One Cog - Zero Excuses") in a new color. And while we did sell through most of the other two designs, they were a bit more sedate in their sell-through, and thus will be retired.

So - if you've been hankering for a new t-shirt and aren't looking for 2XL or Small, there's something for you here. (I've reworked the buttons and they seemed to work correctly, but if paypal insists on adding shipping, I'll refund it as soon as I process the order.)
Order of Business #2 - Galleries:
Backlog, Backlog...who's gotta Backlog? Yep - that'd be me. I have a chunk of images from 2011, and even though the Galleries have been dormant for way too long, folks have continued sending photos and descriptions of cool rides my way. My plan is to take small, regular bites beginning soon. So "Thank You" for your patience, and an even bigger thanks to those who had sent in images.

Order of Business #3 - Ride More
Yeah, that one's kind of for me. Last year was a little underwhelming, mileage-wise, and as the final bits of mywork project played out, I had to quit cold-turkey in mid-December, not clambering back aboard until the beginning of this month. 


Suffice to say, it was good to pedal again.
Here's to more, soon!

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