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Monday, April 30, 2012

Video, Oh Video, Oh Have You Met Video?

This past weekend, I had one of those chance moments when a good friend and trusted mentor pulled me aside to pose a simple idea and ask a core question. 

Anyone who knows me at all also understands that when I use the word "simple", I ascribe only the highest value on that.  To be able to distill things to their simplest form embodies art.  It is not easy to cut out the unnecessary and hone in on the core elements.

The idea itself is a bit frightening and challenging.  But, as I wheedled it further in my brain and tried to relate it to my wife, the strength of the idea remained. And so it still does this morning.

One of the aspects is video, which got me prowling back through CX race stuff I'd cobbled together a few years back -

With work constraints over the past couple of years, I haven't been out at the CX circuits rattling cowbells and tripping over barriers, but this little clip really reminded me what crazy fun that stuff is. 

I'd actually posted these over at Vimeo originally, but that was years ago (does the internet age 10 years for every human year?) and I must say that the youTube is a bit cleaner now in the way it loads things.  Glad I'd stuck a backup copy over here.

Anyway - may the Jam and the footage start your week off right!

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