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Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Brooks Blogs With a Rivendell Twist

Ha - I seem to be on a Rivendell-referencing jag of late, but hey - when you are retuning and laying in a base, it's best to go with the proven...

Anyway -
For your Friday amusement, a couple of links to the Brooks Saddles (& Stuff) Blog -

Grant Petersen – “Short Rides Beat Long Rides”

Photo - courtesy of  Reno Rambler

"The most underrated ride in all of cycling is the shortie, the opposite-of-epic neighbourhood ride that beats walking but doesn’t make you sweat or hurt. The kind of ride kids and non-cyclists do out of need; the kind of ride you gave up when you got serious and came under the influence of racing."

(original and complete article)

And I was much chagrined to see that I had missed this event in its entirety.  But, other things were happening through December which had my attention.  But, I did enjoy this vicarious evening at Huckleberry in S.F.

Dashing Bicycle Show, San Francisco

Grant Petersen holds forth before the gathered throng at Huckleberry Bicycles

Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles was on hand to fill in the blanks at Huckleberry Bicycles
The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show kicked off this past December in San Francisco, California with an evening party at host shop Huckleberry Bicycles, bringing together a group of stylish, functional and unique brands from all over the world to showcase the finest in urban and transportation cycling.
Photo by Matthew Reamer, courtesy of Momentum Mag.

(original and complete article)

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