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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Site & Blog Update

First, I wanted to thank all of the visitors to this blog and the gallery pages who have emailed wondering what was up with the updates. It's nice to know that people miss this stuff when it's not getting updated.  I appreciate all the questions concerning health & life and all that, as well as the sincere offers to help.  It's really heartwarming to get that kind of feedback.

Of course, the main issue is simple - time.  As some folks who know me well are aware, I've been developing a new career as a voice actor, which requires time - for workshops, classes, auditions and the jobs themselves. I also have been working as an audio engineer for some of the voiceover classes at the school - Voicetrax

I also - and this should come as no surprise - really, really enjoy riding my bicycle.  Which means if I have enjoyed a sliver of time this summer, I've tried to ride.

A lot of the efforts for voice acting - particularly the auditions - require me to be inside, staring at a computer screen. This time definitely has taken away from time to process people's images, post them to the gallery, and update the listings.  Quite frankly, after I've spent the morning doing auditions, blazed down to my day job and maaaaaaybe snuck in an extended loop on the commute home, the last thing I've wanted to do is sit down in front of the computer again.  In short, I've gotten a bit out of the habit. 

It's also compounded by the fact that the venerable G4 Cube - wherein all the software lives which runs the site - has started getting a bit senile of late.  Crashes, quirkiness... that sort of thing.  I happen to feel it's always a copout to blame the hardware, and we've been saving to update that part of the home network.  So hopefully, that variable will go away soon.

Certainly, a "gee I'm sorry I haven't posted" post always sucks.  They are lame.  And I'm writing one, so it seems.   But, this past week, I did have a talk with the production department (me) and did process through a slug of images which have been patiently waiting for addition to the galleries.

So, thanks for your patience and look for some updates*.  We're back in gear and slowly pulling away from the dock.

*and, if you have a business that has voiceover needs - gimmee a holler.

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